Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What do I have in common with an irresponsible teenager?

I cannot wait for my period to start. ;-)  Because that means I get to make my appointment to fly down to LA for testing! And once I do that, then this thing is really, for real, started. Keep in mind that I can count the number of round trip flights I've taken in my life on 2 hands, so any trip to the airport is an adventure. Although it will put a significant damper on things if Tony can't join me, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed we can coordinate all of the schedules.

I've only received a few brief sentences from my IFs so far. I think I may have intimidated them a bit with the novel I wrote them. I tend to get a little wordy on occasion. I also can be less than patient about receiving emails, even though I'm horrible about responding in a timely manner myself. And in the message I did get from J, he said he's worried about his English. I really hope he doesn't let that deter him. I was actually all excited to see a Groupon today for a language learning program, but Chinese wasn't an option. Dutch was, though, which I found a little odd. I would think more people would be interested in Chinese (thank you, Firefly).

So, that's where we are today. Waiting on "getting-to-know-you" communication from my IFs (I have IFs! Eeee!) and waiting patiently for my uterus to shed it's lining. Which should actually happen tomorrow. Hopefully. Unless I'm pregnant.  ;-)

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