Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still Not a Bit of Surro News

Still in waiting purgatory, going a little stir crazy waiting for the doctor's office to get back to me.  Will they deem me fit? Am I matched with P and M? Why does it take so freaking long to look at medical records?! I would understand if these were test results we were waiting for, or something that had to pass through several sets of hands (we just refi'd our house; I know how long paperwork can take when there are several different parties involved. But I'm under the impression that it's just one person who needs to look at and approve my records (what are they looking for? What could disqualify me? I'll make it better, I swear it!). And, as of today, they have officially had my records for 2 weeks.  Seriously, take 20 minutes, and make me sane, please.  Every single time that little email icon appears on my phone, I wonder if this is the one. And everytime, I'm disappointed. I wonder how P and M are doing; how informed they are as to what is going on right now. Are they in contact with the doctor, calling for updates(to annoy) on a regular basis? I know if I had the number, I sure would consider calling and politely inquiring as to what is taking SO DAMN LONG.  :)

I understand why we're not proceeding with the match at the moment, until I'm medically cleared, so we don't get all attached in case of shit, but I kind of wish we were. First of all, it would give us something to do while we wait. We could have already had the dreaded conference call and then our official match meeting. And then we could be in this together. We could be bonding over this ridiculous wait and learning more about each other in the meantime. But, instead, I'll just wait. For everything to begin.

But you can enjoy pictures of my daughter's birthday and birthday party. Raging success, all of it, despite me getting a little(a lot) anxious at times.
The big cake reveal. Ignore the back of the cake. I was decorating on 3 hours of sleep, and, frankly, couldn't give a rat's patootie about the back.

Happy Naked Birthday Girl.
The cake she's so happy about. In her words, it was "Brilliant."
Sometime in the last few months, she has decided this is a smile. I have a dozen pictures of her "smiling" like this at the party.
Playing with Brother and Cousin while we wait at the Picture People to see her shots (I <3 me some Picture People).
Crazy Face excited about her tickets.
And a very Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommies out there.  Hope it was a good one!


  1. Oh girl..i know u are going crazy because I think im going with u! hehe If anything I have learned from this process, its patience!!!!

    Hope u hear something soon. Great job on the cake!!

  2. Mandy, isn't it funny how entrenched we get in the stories of our little computer people? ;) I was a little anxious for days for Cheldi when she wasn't blogging about how her birth went.

    I try and keep most of my crazy in my head, and only let it out in small spurts on the internet, but there is definitely a lot of crazy up in there. Thanks for the commiseration. :-D

  3. I think I have to agree that the whole waitin aspect of surrogacy is killer. So far I'm learning it's a bunch of hurry up an wait. Hopefully they get back to you soon :-)