Monday, April 1, 2013

Catching up

It's been brought to my attention that I've been slacking on my responsibilities to the blogosphere, and to you, oh great blogosphere, I apologize. :) For the most part, things have been unremarkable lately, which is exactly how things should be going at this point. And a nice, smooth pregnancy makes for boring blogging.

We're 16 weeks 1 day today, coming up on 4 months, and the second trimester is treating us pretty good. The general nausea has passed, and the ravenous hunger that was alternated with it has eased up some. I can no longer brag about my minimal weight gain, as I randomly gained, like, 8 pounds in a week. Foretunately I've kept it down since. 3 miles a day on the treadmill has got to count for something. Although, to be fair, a fair amount of it has gone to my boobs (everyone else is talking about them, so I'm allowed to; seriously, 2 different people with whom I'm not sure I'm that close with have commented on them). They have gotten ridiculously huge (like, 3 cup sizes in the past 2 months), which has really affected my wardrobe. The cleavage being flashed by my adorable holiday dress was no longer technically Passover/Easter appropriate. Besides that, I am just starting to look like I'm letting myself go a bit, with no identifiable baby bump as of yet.

We had our first trimester ultrasound a few weeks ago, and everything is looking perfect. Baby is starting to look like a Baby and not a Blobby anymore. And on Thursday we have the big amnio, which I'm actually a little excited about, as weird as that may sound. Before I was really not keen on the idea, but I know how important it is to B & C, and now I'm kind of looking forward to it, kind of as another thing I can kick ass at ( ;-) ), like the shots. And it's always nice to see Baby, and have Baby's health confirmed. I'm also supposed to be on bedrest for 24-36 hours afterwards, and after the constant colds I've been battling this winter, an excuse to stay in bed for a day actually sounds pretty fabulous. I've already picked up a couple of movies from the library for the occasion, and am looking forward to intersplicing that with some Walking Dead.

Since I should have a bit of extra time on Thursday, I'll try to pop back over here and let you all know how the giant needle in my uterus went. :-D