Thursday, May 24, 2012

We're Matched!

We had our conference call this morning with J in China (S was traveling, and his cell phone wasn't allowing him to make the call, for some reason). I'm sorry S couldn't join us, but it was a good conversation with J. He seems super excited about having a child, and seemed to like my profile quite a bit, and was very gracious. He said his parents are very supportive of his surrogacy journey, and his mom wants to come to the US with them when the baby is born to help them care for him.  And I can confidently say him because they want to do pre-emplantation gender selection for a boy.  While I know plenty of gay guys who would be comfortable raising a girl, I understand that others may not be.  Heck, this is the first year Tony is letting me pick a girl exchange student, because he always felt he would be pretty at relating to boys.

I'm still waiting on receiving J and S's email addresses so that we can really start to get to know each other.  I know J blogs on other subjects; I wonder if he's blogging about this.  The way he has spoken about this "surrogacy journey" makes me think he's been reading surro blogs.  I can't wait to begin this relationship.  One of my favorite things about this match is that we all really want a long-term relationship here.  Kind of like with our exchange students, I hope that we're just adding to our family in a unique manner. 

J will be out over the summer for testing and the like, and then it sounds like they both hope to be back 1-3 times before the birth.  I really hope they can make it to an OB appointment or two.

So, very fortunately, the next step of waiting has a fairly clear cut off date.  We're waiting for my period to start, which should be a week from yesterday. At which point, I alert the doctor's office, and we make appointments to jet on down to LA for testing!  Eeeee! That means we should be testing in about 2 weeks, and then about 2-4 weeks for results. Then contracts, then meds, then making babies! While I'm doing my testing, J and S will be searching for an egg donor, and then she will have to go through testing as well. It sounds like the whole process should take about 3-4 months, as is my understanding. So, pregnant around September maybe?  :-D

In an optimistic gesture, I started my Needles are Ok! Hypnobaby track last night.  Hypnobabies worked so well for me with the birth of my son, and I know there are a lot of needles involved in this journey, so I thought I better get started. The old familiar background music was nice. It took me a little longer, but I did eventually slip right into my hypnotic state. Maybe I'll treat myself to some comfy earphones this time around.  :-D


  1. congrats tiffany! so excited to follow your journey!!! and the needles aren't that bad, but ask for some lidocaine cream to numb your bum {makes my shots tolerable}.

  2. Congrats Tiffany!!!! This is awesome news!!