Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is That Where They are Hiding?

So maybe this was my darkest before dawn moment (so far; I am fully aware this journey still holds a lot of ups and downs). I received a profile of a gay couple in China yesterday, and, while I'm a little bummed about them being halfway around the world when I almost had IPs practically in my backyard, but otherwise they are great.  J and S seem like really sweet guys who care about each other a great deal and both are excited about this baby. I particularly like the story of how they met; reminds me of our story. And they want to maintain contact with their surro long term. :-) Even my mom, sister and Adii, all hard people to please, think they sound awesome.  I have a conference call scheduled, tentatively, for Thursday at 8:30am.  Yuck. And eeek! Good eeek.  :-D  I feel a little better that there will be a translator. I hope they can smooth any verbal spasms I may have. :-)

Yesterday, as I was discussing the possibility of choosing J and S with my family, I was absentmindedly playing with something my kids had left on the couch. I looked down to see what it was exactly I was messing with, and this is what I saw. :-D

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