Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not the News I Was Hoping For

I had a feeling today would be the day.  But I'm kind of an optimist, so I think most days are going to be The Day.  But, sure enough, first thing this morning, the director of my agency called to tell me my potential, perfect IFs have chosen...a surro from another agency in the meantime.  My records are still not cleared by their specific RE, but they've decided on someone else.  Not exactly sure how that works, but she was upset on my behalf, and I am definitely way bummed.  I really thought these guys were The Ones, and it was only a matter of time.  I guess that's another important surro lesson for me. :(  I think that was probably my last chance at my dream of a July transfer, and even that was cutting it close.

So, back to the beginning.  They're going to send me over several profiles of couples waiting right now, but I believe they're all hetero couples, so, not my dream match (my heart is just set on a little rainbow baby), but I just need to be feeling like I'm doing *something* right now, even if it is just busy work.  Maybe one of these is the dream family I didn't know I always wanted, right? :)

I was so excited about this match.  They seemed to be exactly the family I was hoping to work with, so I'm having a bit of a hard with the apparent fact that this wasn't meant to be.  I keep thinking, maybe if we had gone ahead with the phone call and match meeting, they would have been significantly less inclined to drop me so quickly.  Oh well, it is what it is, I guess.


  1. It sounds like it might have been more of them wanting to work with a different agency than wanting a different surro. I was hoping for a November transfer and instead ended up with Jan. and it drove me nuts!! All the waiting at the beginning is hard.

  2. hang in there girlfriend! we've all been there where you just KNOW that this is your couple and for whatever reason, they end up going a different direction. it's hard, but everything happens for a reason. your family is out there and they are just as anxious as you!