Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another weekend of radio silence

My period started on Thursday, so I dutifully called the IVF office to set-up an appointment (and emailed my agency, of course). I didn't hear back from them until Friday morning. With a little polite begging, I got my appointment set up for next Thursday, when Tony can join me.  I was excited to the point of tummy butterflies.  This is a real physical step towards me becoming a surrogate! Whoo-hoo!

That feeling lasted about an hour, until the scheduler called me back to say that apparently my IPs haven't been seen there yet, and won't be seen until the end of the month, and I'm not supposed to come in until after them, so she rescheduled me for July 5. :( I felt like somebody had popped my balloon. I was so thrilled to begin this little adventure already. I don't know what made me think that my journey would go so much smoother than all of the other surros who have been giving enough to share their stories; that somehow I'd be saved all the little bumps in the road. Yet, here we are, a totally typical surro journey, 2 steps forward, 1 step back (just 1, if you're lucky).

I called and emailed my case manager immediately, because I felt like my agency was aware J and S hadn't been there yet, but my director was the one who told me to make the appointment. So my case manager spent the afternoon trying to get ahold of the director to figure out what was going on (coincidentally enough, the director was traveling, and was way closer to me than the case manager), and she called me around 3. Apparently it is usually the case that the office likes to see the IPs first, in part to confirm the medical necessity for a surrogate, but they have seen surros first before on occasion, when the IPs already have an appointment. And I think it's pretty clear to all involved that, having no uterus between them, my IFs medically necessitate a surrogate. So my case manager called the IVF office to straighten things out, but, of course, had to leave a message, and, of course, nobody called her back before close of business. So, here we are, another weekend without knowing what's going on. On Monday, hopefully, I get to find out if we are going to LA on Thursday. Good thing my mom can take my kids at the drop of a hat. I'm kind of ridiculously lucky.

Haven't heard from my IFs in several days. In the last little note, J said he was going to write me a letter that day, and then nothing.  :(  I've heard things can get lost in the internet between here and China on occasion, so I wonder if that's what happened, or if he just hasn't had time, or...? Just feeling a tad lonely. I was hoping we could really be getting to know each other right now. I desperately want to feel like part of a baby-making team. I'll drop them a little note later today, see what's up.

For now, I have to prepare to say good-bye to someone I've been a sort of surrogate mother to for the past year.  Adii, our exchange student from Germany, is leaving on Tuesday, and his going away party is today. I'm mentally preparing for lots and lots of tears.

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