Monday, April 9, 2012

Waiting, and Thinking, and Thinking, and Waiting

So, at this point, I have received two profiles of IFs, both from the same country (not this one), and, while I did feel a greater connection to the second profile, I'm still not sure they're "the ones."  How cliche does that sound?  I know, I know.  But you have to understand, I research and carefully plan just about every decision I make.  And this one is pretty damn major.

Right now I'm trying to decide how important it is to me to have IF(s) that can attend OB appointments and surro-babies whose birthdays I could possibly attend (if I were invited).  Or will it be enough for me to see pictures and follow Facebook feeds?  I know I should have thought this part through completely before filling out my app, but my surro journey is lacking a how-to manual.  :-) 

I've asked my agency to send me a more local profile when they get one, to see if I feel the spark there.  I figure I can hold out a week or two, before my desire to get this show on the road outweighs my desire to experience that magical, perhaps mythical match feeling. And I've heard from more than fellow surro that they had a hard time getting a feel for international IPs through their profiles, but once they spoke with them, they were in love. I really appreciate everyone sharing their experiences, since, like I mentioned, my how-to guide was lost in the mail.

So, am I waiting for a certainty that someone as analytical as myself will never experience, or is having IFs on this continent really that important to me? These are the thoughts that will be occupying my brain for 85% of the next few weeks or so.


  1. The magical match feeling is not mythical at all. I've had two wonderful local matches. I know that's not always the norm and I consider myself blessed but, if going local is important to you - don't give up that hope. Local for me is a 2 hour radius, I'm in Northern IL and both sets of my IPs are from Chicago. Having them there for nearly all appointments is wonderful and continuing to share visits with my first IPs after our journey was complete has really been the icing on the cake. Good luck!!!

  2. I agree with the comment Tiffany posted...There are locals that need you, want you. If that's what you really feel that you want, don't give up on it. I also did not have a manual, but the agency i reached out to found me IP's - get this...20 minutes away from us! Who would've thought. I felt the same way you did about bday parties etc...
    I hope, well i mean i'm sure something close comes will come to you girlie!!

  3. Thank you for the input, ladies, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, patience is not one of my virtues, but I'm trying. :-) I do have a new, local profile to look forward to sometime this coming week. Fingers crossed!