Monday, April 23, 2012

Call from Boss Lady

Sitting here, amongst a growing pile of dirty dishes, blogging.  :)  It's been a crazy day, and a crazy week, and I am determined to sit here for a few more minutes, guilt-free, and enjoy the quiet, me-time.  Okay, maybe just a little guilt.

The director of my agency called me today, not only to discuss IF#3, but to discuss my IP search in general.  She said she wanted to have a conversation to get a better feel for what I was looking for, and when I apologized for being difficult, she assured me I wasn't, and expressed how important she feels it is to match their surros with IP(s) they feel passionate about.  She said, the IPs get something tangible, a baby, and "all" the surros get is the journey, so she wants to make sure it's a good one for them, so I felt pretty positively in general about the conversation, and the attitude of my agency (I never felt negatively about them, I just worried they were getting annoyed with me, but that's a common fear I have in a variety of situations).

We did discuss my issues with IF#3, and she totally understood my concerns, but says that, over the phone, he comes off as an incredibly friendly person (which does not translate to the page).  If I was comfortable with it (and I am), she said she would have another conversation with him and address my concerns, and get back to me later this week.  I feel like I'm a person who expresses themselves, generally, very well through my writing.  Could be he's exactly the opposite.  I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  :)

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