Friday, April 20, 2012

This is What I Get...

For making such sweeping proclamations about decisions in my last post.  Well, I did make a decision, but it didn't quite work out like I hoped.

Instead of "early" this week, I received the profile I've been all aflutter about Thursday morning.  And it was not quite what I'd been hoping for.  I identified a lot more with the parenting ideals of IF#3, and he seems like he'll be a fantastic dad, and his future child(ren) are going to have an amazing extended family, but he does not seem like he has any interest at all in an ongoing relationship with his surro, and seemed more like he was looking to hire an employee.  And that is not the situation I'm looking for.  And could be he just came across poorly in the profile, or he hasn't considered the possibility of a long-term friendly relationship with his surro, and doesn't realize that a lot of surros are interested in that.

But it made me realize how much I liked the things IF#2 had to say about himself, and what he wanted in a surro, even though he's in China.  So I asked to arrange a phone interview with him.  Turns out he's been matched.  Boo! That's what I get. :-(

I expressed my concerns about IF#3 to my agency, and they agree he comes across poorly on paper, but seems a lot warmer in person, so they want to talk to me further about him on Monday (would have done it today, but my family and I have been enjoying the wondrous natural beauty of Big Sur, which apparently does not include cell towers).  So another weekend in a level of surro limbo.  :-)  But I'll be spending it with my family, enjoying the amazing weather in Santa Cruz and San Francisco.  I love my state.  :-D

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  1. Anxious to hear what the agency said about IF#3 and if you feel anymore at ease. Whatever the case, follow your heart. <3

    Thanks for reading through my blog - my surrogacy journeys have been 5 years of love and dedication and I absolutely adore both sets of IPs. If you're interested in checking out our photos the password to the album is "babysteps".