Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Like Them, I Really Like Them!

This morning, whilst running around, I was thinking that a nice thing about the wait is that you never know when that awesome email will be landing in your email box, and that makes everyday potentially magic.  As it turns out, today might be my magical day!

I received Profile #4, IFs from the Bay Area, relatively close to me, and I got so excited reading it.  I really think these are my IPs.  They've been together for 13 years (They met at Oxford, how cool is that?), and this is the first profile I've received of a couple that was presented as a unit, where "This is us, and we want kids," while the other profile (with the exception of the single IF, of course) were more like, "This is me, I want kids and my partner is okay with it."  They seem to want a moderate amount of contact, but I'm hoping once they see how awesome I am, I'll be beating 'em off with a stick.  ;)  I'm not sure how much else to share about their profile, but I can tell you, after reading it, my husband had his first remotely positive reaction to a profile, and went so far as to say, "They are great."  After giving my sister some high points, she said, "Wow, they're perfect for you!"  And I hope they feel the same way.

So now a new wait begins, one that I'm feeling especially nervous about because now I'm the one up for judgment.  I keep wracking my brain, trying to remember my profile, trying to think if there's anything in there that would turn them off.  So tomorrowish, they should be getting my profile, and, if they like me, my medical records will be sent to their doctor.  Wherein more nerves lie, because the doctor has apparently already turned down the first surro they were matched with.  Then, if all that goes swimmingly, we will set up a phone call or meeting.  And THEN, if we all still like each other, and I'm not to old to be a surro at that point, then we'll be matched!  I have no idea how long that all will take, but I'm hoping we're finally on the road to baby!

Another plus, hopefully, is that they already have frozen embryos, so there will be not waiting for finding an egg donor and to screen her and sync our cycles.  So, if I understand this process, once we're matched, Tony and I do our screenings, we do contracts and then maybe make babies!  Wow!  Can't WAIT!


  1. How cool! My agency does the screenings of surrogates before you can ever see profiles so that was one less worry for me - but the matching usually goes pretty fast as long as meeting in person doesn't get held up with schedules. You are here ready to do something awesome and get first choice - they are dying to find someone willing and able to help them - you're already awesome so how could they say no?!

  2. Good Luck!! They sound like what you have been waiting for.

  3. So awesome!....YAY!!! I'm sure they will love you.