Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Surro Fairy giveth, and the Surro Fairy taketh away...

I was just wrapping my head around my new transfer estimate when I got a call from my nurse at the IVF office telling me that they learned today that the IF is going to need to do further genetic testing, and if he can't get the testing done in Shanghai, then he'll have to get it done when he comes to the US, and that can push back our dates at least 10-14 days. Which is no biggie to me, since it's still better than what I was thinking 2 days ago, but this is so very typical of things in the Surro World, based on my extensive blog research. :) If we're lucky, it's 2 steps forward, 1 step back, and not the other way around. I'm still grateful for all the steps we're taking. :-D


  1. aw man! hopefully he'll be able to do everything he needs to do at home and you can still be on target for october. i know it's not easy, but patience my fellow surrosister!

  2. Well, technically the surro fairy didn't take away...she is just holding your gift for another two weeks. Not bad! :-)