Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Egg Donor, Secured!

Oh my goodness, time flies around here. We have got so much going on here, and so much is going on in the background as well. I was so sure this was all going to take forever, and it has seemed like it was at some points, but right now I feel like meds and transfer are going to come so quickly, even though I'm not expecting transfer until October.

I have been medically and psychologically cleared.  :-)  It's always nice to have it independently verified that I am neither crazy nor disease ridden.

I've been hearing snippets here and there about an egg donor and a legal contract, but nothing really solid until a few days ago, when I got an email from my nurse at the IVF clinic who said they have begun screening of the egg donor, so she wanted information about the length of my menstrual cycle, I'm assuming to get ready for eventually syncing our cycles. I've heard of surros whose journeys have been fraught with egg donor issues, so here's hoping our egg donor is squeaky clean and a prolific egg producer. :-)

The nurse also said she'd be ordering me my pre-natal vitamins soon, so I'll be able to start officially preheating my oven. :-D

And, oh my gosh, J is coming to meet us in 18 days! Normally, Tony and I would fly down to LA to meet him sometime amidst all of his appointments, but he's going to be in the US for 10 days, so we all agreed it would be cool if he could come Manteca to meet us. I'm sure he wants to see the environment in which his baby will be growing, and I love that he'll be meeting the kids. But I am ridiculously anxious about what to make for our lunch!

My agency seems a little anxious about my hair color. It was pink, and is now a bright red. Apparently Chinese IPs especially are uncomfortable with unnatural hair colors, because of the chemicals involved. Which I understand, and I have no plans to dye my hair while pregnant, but I do want enjoy playing with my hair while I can. I have a box of dye waiting to use before the transfer that I think will allow my natural color to grow in. I'd even be okay with them including something about not dying my hair in the contract, as I'm all for not exposing a fetus to chemicals when possible. But for now, I'd prefer it be up to me. :-)

Now back to my real life, which is rather busy at the moment. Mostly in good ways (driving home from vacation at this moment, and my baby starts Junior Kindergarten next week!).


  1. here's to no bumps in the road for the donor!

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