Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

I was prepared to be writing an entry about being excited about how things keep on moving forward, as I should be getting my prenatal vitamins soon. And then, this morning, things took a giant leap forward. I oke up to an email from my case manager telling me that, not only did the egg donor pass her screening (You go, girl!), but they've started her on the birth control pill to start regulating her cycle because they are now shooting for a late SEPTEMBER transfer. :-o A full month before my most optimistic guesstimate, so this was a great surprise to me. Apparently they have a 30 day waiting period after collecting the sperm from the IF, to confirm that there's nothing infectious or anything, and I believe my IF starts his testing on August 22 or so. To play it safe, I guess they'd usually have the surro wait until the 30 day period was up before even starting meds, but everyone is confident that J was pass his screenings with flying colors that they want me prepared for the transfer as soon as the waiting period is up, so it sounds like I will be starting the shots before the month is up and be looking at a June Baby, if all goes well! Eeeeee! Still trying to wrap my head around that. The sooner, the better, as far as I'm concerned, but I had been working so hard at being patient and letting things happen as they will. And now I'm being rewarded. ;-) I guess this means if I wanted a little get away with the Mister before I need to start abstaining, that's gonna have to happen, like, now!

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