Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's a good thing surrogacy has taught us patience...

Oops, missed 7 weeks, but more on that later. Important news of the day is that there is no new news. :-/

Today we had a repeat ultrasound in an effort to solve the twinsie mystery. The twinsie mystery stands. I had my ultrasound at the unkind hour of 8:30 (which meant I had to drink 32 ounces of water by 7:30. The contrast of the cold water in my warm belly was unsettling.). The tech did her ultrasound, noting one healthy baby and one "sac of fluid" and then she said she was done. She did all of this through abdominal ultrasound, while last week the tech (at a different office) did both abdominal and trans-vaginal ultrasound, and got the most information on the sacs through the latter. So, after I emptied my grateful bladder, I went back and requested a trans-vaginal ultrasound, for my piece of mind. Thankfully she agreed. Sure enough, she was now able to visualize the other sac, and see the yolk and *possible* fetal pole inside. Measuring smaller than the other sac but bigger than it had last week. Still no heartbeat, though. The tech seemed to be of the opinion that we "shouldn't get our hopes up," but she's seen stranger things happen. Second verse, same as the first. At least I left feeling proud that I insisted on the trans-vaginal ultrasound, even though it didn't tell us anything we didn't learn last week.

At 12:30, I had an appointment to review the ultrasound results with my doctor. Another exercise in frustration, because the radiologist had read the ultrasound wrong and the report he sent to the doctor said both sacs were measuring the same (7.3 weeks), which, I think, made the absence of a heartbeat more final than not being able to find an ultrasound at 6.3 weeks. I insisted the report was incorrect, and the doctor put in a call asking the radiologist to review the ultrasound again. Doctor called me about an hour later to say that I was right (again; who has the fancy degrees around here?), the other sac is smaller, but he still says we're going to call it a singleton pregnancy for now and follow up in two weeks. Ugh, two weeks. In the meantime, I'm still going to blame all of the weight gain on the extra sac.

All in all, it feels like an exhausting, wasted day. Bright side is that we have one little healthy bugger in there, and Dr. says the other sac won't affect the health of that baby, regardless, which was the one piece of happy, useful information I was able to pass along to Daddies today.

I really did intend to write our 7 week stuff here, but I'm so tired. I'm making sushi and spending as much of the rest of the evening on the couch as the kids will allow. One thing of not is that my pants are getting a little uncomfy. :-/ Think high estrogen thoughts for me tomorrow: if we hit 500, we get to cut out our every 3rd day extra shot. Still doing progesterone every night for a while now, but it's a step in the right direction.

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  1. Ugh. 2 more weeks of mystery?!?! I can't take it! :)