Sunday, January 20, 2013

6 Weeks and everything else

Oh my goodness, I meant to be on here several times earlier in the week to blog, with lots of relevant, important things to say, but I just never made it. Even throughout today, I was interrupted several times. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea (everyone else in the house but me, strangely enough)'s been an all around fun time around here. :-D

First and foremost, our second beta was on Monday. 3914! Doubling time of about 1.65 days! At first I thought that was extra high, possibly indicating twins. But Google tells me it's a good solid number, probably indicating one healthy Baby. But numbers don't necessarily directly correlate. We won't know for sure until our ultrasound. Which *should* be this Friday. But that's a little iffy right now. Everyone is working hard to find a good place for me to get that done, but apparently it's not as easy as requisitioning the nearest ultrasound machine. We might be getting it done in San Francisco. Possibly.

Or we may be getting it at our new OB's office. Normally, we wouldn't be seeing our OB for the first visit until closer to 10 weeks, but because we've been having such a hard time finding a good local place for the ultrasounds, it's been agreed the earlier I can get hooked up with my local OB, the better. So we've got an appointment with our new OB on Wednesday. If we're super duper lucky, maybe they'll do the ultrasound there and then.

In other surro-related news, I had my worst shot experience ever Friday night. It was a 2-shot day, so estrogen in addition to the progesterone. Shots usually range from "That's it?" to "Ouch! That hurt." Estrogen shots are usually a little easier, in general, because there's less volume, so I, at least, imagine they are quicker. This particular estrogen shot was hellish. From beginning to end, which seemed to take extra forever, it burned like a wicked sumabitch. It was all I could do not to burst into tears. And it continued to hurt afterwards, which is unusual. I had to lay on that side to put pressure on it just to sleep, and it still hurts more that it should, 2 days later, which means this might be the 3rd day of progesterone on the left side, when we usually alternate. My best guess is that we nicked a blood vessel on the way in, because it bled a lot more than usual. And last night's shot was, blessedly, one of the "That's it?" types.

And, finally, we are 6 weeks today! Yay! Kismet and I decided to nickname the Baby, for the time being, "Little Pumpkin" (she needed something to call the Baby) because this Little Pumpkin will be making his/her appearance in the world around the same time as pumpkins start being harvested around here. Anyway, Little Pumpkin's ears, nose and mouth are beginning to develop and blood will start to course through Pumpkin's body. Arm and leg buds are beginning to show and lungs are beginning to develop. This week, Pumpkin will double in size, but is currently the size of a lentil.

I am feeling mostly fine. Still the tiniest bit of nausea in the evening, and generally tired and cranky, but poor sleep thanks to my little man is almost certainly a contributing factor. Otherwise Pumpkin has been very good to me. Oh, I did immensely enjoy a bowl of Cocoa Puffs, which I've never been a big fan of. But breakfast cereal is a big winner for me when I'm pregnant. It was Lucky Charms with Teagun, but those I've always loved. :)

Here's hoping my next entry brings news of our ultrasound!

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