Thursday, January 10, 2013


Oh my goodness, I am tired. Granted that's just as likely a result of our amazing vacation, which we returned from yesterday, as the teeny, tiny baby growing up in here. :) Oh, also the lack of caffeine may be a contributing factor. But for now, I'm enjoying the one hour a week I have the house to myself, sitting on my ass, watching Quantum Leap and chatting to you all.

So, clearly the past week has been HUGE. After our beautiful digital pregnancy test on Friday, we had to follow up with the official beta test on Monday. I was able to make an appointment at the Quest just a few minutes from the condo we were staying at in Garden Grove, and it was a good thing, too, because I got down there Monday morning and the place was packed, and we had California Adventure to be getting to. As I was sitting there, I thought, "This isn't my usual lab; I bet they won't be as good at sticking me." I had no reason to think that, as I'd also got my blood drawn at 2 other places in the past few months, with no issues. But sure enough, that vampire stuck that needle in my arm.and then tried to find the right vein. After the needle was in my arm. Twisting it around. A similar incident when I was 7 led to my initial fear of needles. It was quite a testament to my HypnoBabies "Needles are Okay" track that I just laughed when she asked if it hurt. Big giant DUH. :-p My arm hurt for two days afterward. BUT, it was done, and my nurse called me with results just as we were sitting down to the Aladdin stage show. 197! Woot woot! Great numbers for a singleton pregnancy at this point. Well, great numbers to *indicate* a singleton pregnancy. We won't know for sure exactly how many are in there until the ultrasound in 2 weeks. But I feel confident in guessing one, which is perfect. :-D I just had time to text B&C (if you've been following my journey for a while, these initials are new to you; my IFs are very appreciative of their privacy, and I'll be going back to my old entries and editing my past use of their initials to these new ones) the wonderful news before the curtain rose. They were, of course, thrilled. :-D

Our second beta will be on Monday, just to confirm the health of this little miracle, and then ultrasound the following week. We're still trying to figure out exactly where that's going to take place, because the place that did my monitoring ultrasound doesn't see pregnant patients. Which I definitely am. :-D

While my close friends and family have been aware of my journey, I "came out" as a surro on my Facebook yesterday to overwhelming support. While I didn't expect any negative comments (well, maybe one or two), the responses were a little embarrassing: people calling me amazing and stuff like that. I mean, generally awesome, yes, but amazing because of this? Nah. This is mostly easy. Honestly, at times, I feel like this is a bit selfish on my part. It's an exciting adventure for me that sometimes takes time away from my family. I mean, it's not like we're using my uterus right now anyway.

While I mostly try and keep this blog surro-centered, I have to say, our vacation to Disneyland really was completely magical. It was us, my mom, my sister, her 2.5 year old daughter and her husband. We spent 4 days in Disneyland and California Adventure (Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday), one day at Huntington Beach and one day of me being sick (I think I had a bit of food poisoning; amazingly, none of the children got sick with anything the whole week). We got to enjoy all of the Christmas celebrations on Thurs/Fri and light crowds Mon/Tues. We got to do pretty much everything we all wanted without feeling too ragged. I was so pleased with how everything went, and we all loved it! Hope to edit this entry with a few pictures a little later. :)

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