Sunday, January 13, 2013

5 Weeks!

That's right, once we get that positive pregnancy test, we jump right into being pregnant, and today marks 5 weeks along. Baby is currently the approximate size of a sesame seed. Baby is super busy in this next week, developing eyes, tongue, skin and brain, and the heart is beginning to divide into chambers and beat and pump blood. A tiny little sesame seed, pumping blood! :-D How cute!

Despite being a little sesame seed, this Baby is making me feel full all the time, except when I'm starving. Those are the 2 states I have: uncomfortably full and freakin' starving. And the latter half of the days are spent with a very bubbly tummy. If this keeps up, I'll never know when the Baby starts moving because it feels like I've got a whole soccer team in there right now. I only get nauseous, mildly, on occasion, and I'm looking forward to stocking up on grapes to help ease that when necessary. And, I am, of course, tired. So tired. Almost got a nap yesterday when the kiddos came home, in their usual parade-like manner, which negated any restful time.

I think all this praise people are heaping on me is going to my head a bit. I've never felt unfulfilled as a stay at home mom; I know I'm very lucky to be able to stay home with our kidlets, and, while I still lack mad housekeeping skills, I'm not too bad at the actual raising kids part. I love my life and have no desire for anything to be different (okay, maybe magically cleaner house and Tony at home more, but you get the drift). But I've noticed that I've been feeling somehow more important lately. Which is not to say I didn't feel adequately important before! But I've been feeling like I'm doing an additionally important thing, I guess. Which is a nice feeling. Not necessary, not something I was seeking out or expecting, still doesn't mean I'm a super-amazing person for all this. But it's nice.

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