Saturday, January 5, 2013

I sure am popular these days ;)

Wow, my last post had the most views ever. That makes me think there's some news you guys are waiting for; something you are moderately interested in knowing. That you might want to know that I am, in fact, PREGNANT! At least, that's what 4 pregnancy tests in the past 3 days have indicated (yes, I have a problem).

I'd had a couple of negative tests previously, and I initially thought Thursday's test was negative as well. But, on second look, I saw the slighthest ghost of a line, which apparently only pregnant women could see (the only other person who saw it was my sister, who is 17 weeks along). I desperately want to keep my IFs as informed as possible, but there was nothing to show them yet, and I didn't want to say anything in case it was an evaporation line. So I waited until Friday morning, and, while still light, the line was clearly visible. But lines are so vague, so (on our way to Disneyland), we stopped by Target and picked up a digital test. I peed on that bad boy as soon as we got into California Adventure and got that beautiful "Pregnant" result, so I text that wonderful picture to W & J ASAP, with a Disneyland map in the background, with the caption, "Wishes really do come true in Disneyland! Congratulations!" :-D

Daddies are very happy and excited, and can hardly believe this is real, as they've been working towards this beautiful result for over a year now, so I think they're cautiously optimistic. Beta test is early on Monday morning, before we head back to California Adventure (Disneyland was Thursday and we'll be back on Tuesday; W joked that their son's younger sibling will be able to brag that he/she has been to Disneyland first. :-D). Beta will be our official confirmation of pregnancy.

I'm feeling good. A little bloated and yucky right now, but I think that's more a result of the super delicious bacon burger, garlic fries, cookie dough milkshake and strawberry caramel sundae I shared with my family at Ruby's on the pier in Huntington Beach at lunch. YUM! And ugh. :-D

Check out this awesomeness (dpt=days past transfer):