Saturday, December 22, 2012

Triple stripe!

I can hardly believe the ultrasound was yesterday morning; yesterday was such a busy day it felt like 2 days. But, the most important happened just about fist thing. We drove out to San Ramon for our appointment, and encountered very little traffic on our way there (and back), and there was no waiting in the actual office. I zipped right through my blood draw and then into the ultrasound. During which the tech informed us my uterus is sporting the coveted triple stripe. Whoo-hoo! That means my lining is very nice and thick for the little totsicle(s) who will be making its home there next week. Measuring, on average, 11mm, which is great. I didn't ask exactly what our doctor was looking for but I've heard anything over 6-8 is good, so my uterus totally kicked ass here. :-D

I believe I may have mentioned, once or twice, that I was nervous that my body wouldn't respond properly to the meds, and this would be the end of my story. It wasn't a strong fear, but it was there, so this was a great relief to me. This was the final hurdle for my body, as far as I'm concerned. That was new territory. The rest, getting and staying pregnant? That we know. We're good at that. I feel confident we're going to wholly rock this transfer and this pregnancy. I'm on board, my uterus is on board, let's do this! :-)

After the appointment, it was my job to inform everybody as to what was going on. The travel agent for my agency and my IFs had yet to book travel; that was all contingent on that appointment. And while I could tell them my interpretation, I needed our nurse's confirmation before I felt comfortable telling everyone to buy plane tickets. Five hours, two phone calls and two emails later I finally heard back. Turns out she was in a smilar boat: she was 99.9% sure we were good to go, but she was waiting for the doctor for the go-ahead. As a matter of fact, I believe the term she used was "textbook perfect." If my uterus could get any larger, it would have swollen with pride. ;-) She felt confident enough to say we could book travel, and followed it up with an official email about 1.5 hours later, assuming after Dr. R gave us his stamp of approval.

So, it's officially official, ladies and gentlemen. Progesterone starts tomorrow (lucky me, I get suppositories and shots) and we transfer on December 28!
I believe that makes me 2 weeks pregnant tomorrow. ;-)

The guys said last night that they would toast to my uterus and the Mayans. :-D

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