Monday, December 3, 2012

Psych! But only a little...

So, it turns out I jumped the gun a little on the whole contract thing. Turns out the contract I received was not *the* contract, but was a draft. I had to go over the draft with a lawyer (my lawyer, apparently), approve it, and then they send out the final draft for signatures.

There were a few little things in the contract I did want to clarify with the lawyer, since I had to talk to her anyway. But I wanted to discuss them with my IFs first, so I text B (just because he had been the one I was talking to most recently). But my texts to him were getting out of order and confusing, so they just called me, and we got everything cleared up. Even though there are somethings they prefer to do differently than the way I would prefer, they took extra care to be overwhelmingly respectful and open-minded regarding my opinions, and I really appreciated it. I'm happy to do things their way (to a reasonable extent, of course) because is going to be their baby, and I can tell already that they will take great care to balance my well-being with that of their child. So, I got off of the phone with them feeling better than every about our blossoming relationship and the adventure we are embarking on.

I went right from talking to them to talking with the lawyer, who summarized the important parts of the contract for me, and, since I didn't have big questions (I felt I cleared up everything with B & C beforehand), the conversation took maybe 15 minutes, not the 45+ minutes I as told it might take. It was nice talking to the lawyer, and I did feel that she was invested in my well-being as well.

Not 3 hours later, I received the final draft of the contract, which I was instructed to print, initial, sign and scan or fax back. All 30 pages. Unfortunately, the document was password protected, or else we could have signed it all with our fingers on my phone. Instead, we printed it out Saturday evening. And my printer ran out of ink on page 14. So, Sunday we headed to my mom's and printed the rest. Initialed every page, signed, scanned (on a flat-bed scanner, so I had to individually scan each page), and I'm just getting ready to email it when I realized we had initialed the wrong corner. Doh! So we go through it all again, and finally email it in. IFs told me they sent theirs' Saturday, so we started off this business week with legal FINALIZED! I kinda got the chills writing that. This is really happening, really, for reals. Finally. So excited.

So, the lawyers should have sent word to IVF office that we are good to go, and we should be getting calendars real soon, I think. As a matter of fact, as soon as I hit "Publish" here, I'll be emailing the nurse over there to see what I should be doing with regards to my birth control pill. I know they don't have the calendars ready yet (and I'm okay with that; check out my mad patience skillz, yo!), but I'm coming to the end of an active packet, and I don't want to stop for the next 5-7 days if that's going to mess up the timing one they do have a calendar, because I don't want anyone to have to wait on me, because we are on our way! Next post *should* have dates in it! And then I get my meds and get to start getting poked regularly! :-D


  1. You're (finally!!!) well on your way! Good idea about contacting HRC about the BC pills. Im hoping they reply with "keep on active pills"!!!!

  2. It's rare you see someone so excited to stick themselves with needles. But since it's for a great cause I get it. :-)