Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holy crap, things are happening!

Remember when I was all like, "Wah! Things are taking too long!" And then I was all like, "I'm just going to relax and let things happen as they may." Today's post is "Holy crap, things are happening!" :-D

I was under the impression legal clearance got sent out yesterday, but that actually didn't happen until today, which is no biggie, because I was being patient. :) But I did speak with the nurse about whether or not to keep taking my pill, and she asked go ahead and keep taking them while she figures out what day in December we can do this. And I was all, "What?! December?! That's, like, now!" I figured, with the holidays and everything, that even January 10 might be a little too soon. So I told her I had been looking at January 10, and then she asked if I could come in for monitoring on the 3rd, since I'll be down in LA anyway, and that was the last I heard from her.

IFs called just before 5, when I was just giving up hearing from the nurse again, and it turns out they had been talking to her, and wanted to know if December 28 works for us! Turns out, there's a very good chance it will! That's right in the middle of Tony's 5 days off and HOLY CRAP 3.5 WEEKS FROM NOW! I literally just had that realization. I could be knocked up in 3.5 weeks. Holy wow. /breathing That must mean I would have meds before the week is out. Wow. Please see title above. Eek, getting all good shivery now. Okay, breathing again and trying to catch that speeding train of thought. So, um, yeah, wow. :) It sounds like we will decide tomorrow morning (whose morning? The one downside of East Coast IFs. ;) ) whether we'll be sticking some totsicles in my womb in 3.5 WEEKS. :-D So, that's super exciting.

The only 2 negatives about this is that we'll be leaving the kiddos shortly after Christmas, either the day after or the following day, so that's a little bit of a bummer. And the other downside has nothing to do with the timing, but I just learned that with frozen embryos, your transfer date is your transfer date, and they won't push it back 2 days giving us free time in LA. But, on the bright side, I just learned that the show I was hoping to see should that happen isn't even in LA anymore. It's in San Francisco. And sold out. :-/ But they do do a lottery before every show, so there's a chance we could still catch it, but with all the time we're spending away from the kids this month anyway, we probably won't (heading to Reno for a quick getaway next week. Kids may or may not be joining us.). Oh, and we'll probably head back home on the 29th, and then we have to drive back to LA on January 2nd.  :-D That's life 'round here.

Okay, now off to channel my excitement into something productive, like laundry or eating cookie dough. :) Oh, and happy East Coast Birthday to me. :-D

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