Sunday, December 9, 2012

Three needles poking

Yesterday was a very important day in my journey as a surrogate. My meds arrived! I almost feel like I can call myself a surrogate now. As per instructions, I went through all of the package immediately to confirm that everything that was accounted for. The contents matched the packing slip, and I was familiar with the whats and whys of about 90% of it. There were a few things I wasn't expecting and am not exactly sure what they are for, but I feel confident somebody will let me know, eventually. :) I was surprised that I received progesterone suppositories, which I didn't think were part of my doctor's protocol. I'd be thrilled to do the suppositories instead of the shots, but, alas, it looks like I've got both. And then, of course, after taking inventory, I had to organize them all pretty-like. :-D

So, now, I believe I head in for bloodwork tomorrow morning to check estrogen levels, and hope for the go ahead to start meds tomorrow evening based on those results. I'm only not 100% sure that's the precise plan because that plan was based on me starting my period yesterday, and, instead it started late today (that was actually a calculation error on my part :-/). I've got an email into my nurse, and I expect to hear back from her by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, so we'll get it figured out. If not tomorrow, I believe we'd just go ahead and do it Tuesday instead. I don't know that that would impact the transfer date at all.

So, one hurdle down. Period showed up, on time, just not exactly when I thought it should. :) Next hurdle for my body: estrogen levels. I'm not sure what they should be at, but let's hope for a good number so that I can start poking! :-D Or, my accurately, my RN husband can start poking. And, actually, there will be some poking, regardless, because I gotta get the blood drawn. And, now that I'm over my cold, I should get a flu shot tomorrow. I'm really gonna be putting my recent bravery regarding needles to the test tomorrow. :)

T-minus 19 days until we get me knocked up! :-D


  1. Oh how i remember all the meds!! :)

    Best of luck. I'm looking forward to watching your Journey unfold!

  2. Beautiful meds :) I loved the getting meds day--felt very real at that point.

    Have fun with the suppositories. And the shots. My advice--don't do them in your leg. Ever. (the shots, that is...LOL)