Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I am awesomesauce :)

This is totally ridiculous, but I feel like a rockstar. Last night was my first shot, delestrogen, and it was nothing! I know it's not progesterone yet, but it's not lupron, either, and I rocked that shot. ;) Seriously, though, it was barely a pinch. I could hardly believe that Tony had actually done it. The build up was the worst part, and even that wasn't that bad, thanks to my HypnoBabies training. It was mostly excitement at getting started and a tiny bit of anxiety regarding not knowing what to expect. And now that I know, pshaw, bring 'em on! My blood draw in the morning was, like, 50 times worse, and even that wasn't that bad. I was able to talk with Teagun throughout, as opposed to my previous posture, which included biting my hand and trying not to pass out.

I'm actually a little disappointed I don't do a shot tonight. I know that's super crazy, but it's so wonderful to feel like I'm doing something after so much inaction. It really makes me feel like a surrogate. I feel like I've been working for so long to get here; reaching the meds stage really feels like an accomplishment. I am now actively preparing my body to be ready for B & C's baby.

I'm so lucky that I have Tony to do my shots for me. I think having an experienced hand really helped with the extreme ease of the process. I think that heating the very thick solution in my cleavage for 45 minutes beforehand helped as well. Even though I wasn't in any pain, I was sure to heat and massage afterwards, because I know knots can become a problem after a while.

We'll do another delestrogen shot on Thursday, and blood test on Friday to check my levels to see if/how much we need to increase my delestrogen for my Sunday dose. I'm still not sure when I start my progesterone, but I will have another blood draw on the 21st, as well as an ultrasound to check the progression of my uterine lining. That appointment is the next real opportunity for me to be anxious. The transfer depends on the thickness of my lining. So we'll be thinking real thick that day. :)

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