Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back at the beginning

After technical difficulties on Wednesday, I had my phone interview with my new agency yesterday (Thursday) morning. The coordinator directed me to the place online where I could start filling out my paperwork, and said it should take about a week. Ever the overachiever, I had it all back within 24 hours. :-)  I'm obviously anxious to speed up this process, plus a lot of the information was already in a tidy little folder on my computer.

Part of the application is applying to their insurance company, regardless of the fact that we'll almost certainly use mine. This is the only part that makes me at all anxious. I've never had to apply for insurance before, and nevermind the fact that I'm in good health, there were some questions I had to answer yes to, and I've heard that insurance companies are ruthless. I should have a response from the insurance company in 5 business days.

When I spoke to the coordinator yesterday, she said they should be able to get my medical screening records transferred to their doctor, and as long as he doesn't need anymore information, we should be able to avoid doing that again. She did mention still flying us down just for the psych screening, though. I wonder if we could do that on Skype if I can get the results from my MMPI transferred as well. In addition to wanting to save everyone time, I desperately hope that, if I can avoid incurring much cost for my screening, I can convince the new company to reimburse the old company at least part of the screening costs. That would take some steps towards lessening my guilt.

If I understand correctly, I can start seeing profiles once my background check is completed, and maybe once the insurance approves me as well. So, hopefully late next week? Oh, and the coordinator said she has plenty of American IF couples waiting! Yay! I love that it sounds like there are lots out there so that I won't feel pressured to choose the first profile I see, even if I don't get that magical feeling. I'm not going to try and force anything. That doesn't end well... And then, once I'm medically and psychologically cleared (if I have to go down to LA, it can take up to another 2 weeks after the appointment), they can start showing my profile to any couples I've liked, and we can be matched! And then down to LA for a match meeting, and then contracts and then meds and then transfer and then pregnant and then BABY! :-D  And it will all happen just that smoothly from here on out. :-)

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  1. I'm hoping for smooth sailing just like you laid it out here in this blog.