Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nothing to see here

I'm sure you're all wondering how many wonderful and exciting things happened in Tiffany Surro Land this week, huh? None. Yup. Big, fat nothing going on here.

Monday, the day I was supposed to be scheduling my jaunt to LA passed with nary a peep from my main contact. I did hear from the finance guy (actually, I found his email in my spam box from Friday, as well as 2 other, less vital emails from my agency. Bad spam filter!) and I got my compensation package signed and back to him. I also heard from their IVF office liaison about a few extra tests the doctor needs from me to have me completely cleared, and clarification on a few items on my medical history, like my tattoo from last October. They prefer a full year between tattoo and pregnancy, and that's going to be the case here, but it's not quite a full year yet. Also on Monday, my old agency briefly tried to poach me back (with the snail's pace we're moving at here (okay, it's probably super-fast in surro time, but seeing as it's Take 2 for me, it seems like it's taking forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver), I wish they had been successful). The director was meeting with a gay couple in Sacramento, and they wanted to know if I would like to hear more about the meeting, no obligation, but then it turned out they're still in the planning and saving stages. Doh.

Tuesday...really nothing. Except an email acknowledging the checking in email I sent Monday, and saying Agency Insurance Lady should call me.

Wednesday, I emailed again. I always try to find some minor, relevant piece of information I need to impart as an excuse to email, so I can slip in a request for a profile or a trip to LA. Astonishingly, this email was fruitful, and I got to see a profile in the late afternoon. Of a wonderfully delightful couple...from Hong Kong. :-/ Seriously? I felt like I was quite clear that having a domestic couple was super important to me. :( I was assured they both spoke English, and visit the US often but, still, I could not even consider trading a couple from China for a couple from Hong Kong. It would be like trading a Gala apple for a Fuji. Yes, two great apples, but if I really want a peach, I'm not going to put everyone through a lot of hardship just to get a different apple. That simile is a little lacking, isn't it? :-/ I regretfully declined, and was told maybe she'd have another profile for me by the end of the week. I figured I shouldn't hold my breath. I was supposed to hear back from IVF liaison today, also.

Thursday...really, really, totally nothing.

Friday, Insurance Lady calls me while I'm right in the middle of getting my kiddos dressed and out the door. Says she'll call back in an hour. I call her back 3 hours later. Apparently she has not been able to email my insurance to confirm surrogacy coverage, so she needs me to call them. I do, and my question throws the very nice customer service rep for quite the loop. She says she'll have to research the question and will get back to me. By next Friday. Of course. I also call IVF Liaison because I got into my OB/GYN at the last minute, and need to know the tests they need (I forget to ask her whether Dr. decided he's okay with my tattoo and stuff). She directs me to the nurse. Nurse is out to lunch. Entire nursing staff is apparently out to lunch. I'm finally able to get ahold of them right before heading into the Dr. office. My nurse at my OB/GYN went above and beyond to find out if she could run those tests and how to get them processed. I was so impressed and grateful (we're talking, like, 30 minutes on hold with the lab). I sent one last email out, early afternoon, begging for that promised profile...

And today, of course, nothing, because early stage surrogacy sleeps on the weekends. Didn't even get to start my period today. Le sigh. But, in case you can't tell, PMSing like a champ. ;)

I will end this entry on a bright note. At my dr appt yesterday, I did a blood draw. Previously, this would leave me a blubbering, light-headed mess. I usually request to lay down and bite the hell out of my hand to distract myself. Yesterday, I sat up, breathed calmly, smiled serenely and took it like a woman. So ahppy with my HypnoBabies "Needles are Okay" track! :-D

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