Sunday, August 10, 2014

Watch out, I'm taking hormones!

With my last journey, I took both my estrogen and progesterone via injection, and the only side effect I recall was the inevitable soreness that comes from shoving a bunch of hormones suspended in oil into your muscle everyday for three months. I even avoided the weight gain a lot of women experience while on meds (don't hate me too much; I more than make up for it once I get pregnant).

This time around I'm having a bit of a different experience. It seems like the estrogen is making me just a tiny bit crazy-pants. :-D I was aware that I was feeling a bit more stressed out than usual, but I just blamed it on jetlag and our broken down van and trying to get Kismet back into the swing of school. And then I almost lost it over a pair of stained jeans. I'm usually a pretty even keel type person, but we're talking almost full-fledged tearful breakdown over dirty laundry. It wasn't until the next morning when I thought, "Gosh, that was a *bit* of an overreaction." And then I thought, "Hey, hormones!" I was so excited that I wasn't really a raging bitch. Or at least I've got a good excuse for feeling like one. :-) I'm definitely still feeling a lot grumpier and shorter than usual, but it's a lot easier to keep myself in check now that I'm more self-aware, and I like to think my body's getting used to the influx of estrogen. Hopefully I'll be able to deal with the 50% increase in dosage today. :-D

I'm currently sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my monitoring appointment. That includes a transvaginal ultrasound to check if my uterine lining is responding to the meds and a blood test to check on my estrogen levels now that I've been on it for almost a week. It should be a quick appointment once they call me back (I was anticipating traffic that didn't occur and got here a half hour early), and hopefully we'll get the results this afternoon. And then, when everything looks peachy keen, I believe we get the go-ahead to officially make travel plans for transfer. Woot woot!

Super enjoying our burgeoning relationship with Chris and Keith. I love how involved they want to be with everything that goes on on my side, and how involved they want me to be on their side. It really feels like a team effort.

Despite the fact that I am, of course, not actually pregnant yet, because of the weird way pregnancy is tracked (counting from the first day of the last period, and not from fertilization), I am sort of kind of 1 week 1 day pregnant today, based on our transfer date. :-)

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  1. hormones or not, I tend to think that laundry ought to fold itself and then figure out where to stay all on its own :) I love washing laundry, just hate putting it away, lol. Anyway, I hope everything went swimmingly at your appointment!