Monday, August 18, 2014

Almost There!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we leave tomorrow! And the day after tomorrow, I'm getting knocked up, folks. :-D So excited!

Just about finished packing, and here are a few things that were on my shopping list:
-Hair dye (Had to dye my hair a color that I can grow out without it being too obvious)
-Pineapple (There's a theory eating pineapple the night before transfer can be helpful)
-Life Cereal (Silly tradition from last transfer, ya know, to help create life or whatever)
-Lucky transfer socks (Since my feet will be on display in the stirrups)
-Wine (For Tony, Chris and Keith at our after transfer pajama party)
-Kindle and laptop (To help keep us busy during 48 hours of bed rest)

Sunday I started progesterone injections. Wanna see?
First progesterone shot The shots are going well. They hurt very little during the actual injection, and are just sore the next day, despite the heating pad and massage we do afterwards. I had a weird, but not unheard of experience the other day when, directly after a practically painless shot, my throat hurt all of a sudden and I got a strange taste in my mouth. Fortunately I'd heard of this happening to other girls before, so while it was freaky, it wasn't terribly worrying.

Had a minor freakout yesterday when I almost singlehandedly ruined transfer. We're working with HRC Fertility, so I had looked up my doctor and read that he works out of the West L.A. office, so I assumed that's where the transfer would occur, and I'm basing all my planning and hotel and everything off of that address. It wasn't until I told the guys what hotel we were staying at did it come up that we're transferring at the Encino office. So very glad that came up before we showed up at the wrong office on Friday. Today I did see on my instruction sheet where it said ENC, but I had thought that was doctor speak I just wasn't reading correctly. :-P

40 hours and counting! :-D

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  1. Excited to follow! We'll be pretty close. I'm transferring in Sept.