Monday, August 18, 2014

All Systems Go!

Wrote this Saturday and didn't get a chance to post it, so pretend it's still Saturday. :-D

Yesterday was my final monitoring appointment, and it is official, everything looks good, our embryo transfer is officially next Friday, August 22! My lining is a nice 9.3mm, with the triple stripe (triple stripe, or, in medical speak, trilinear pattern is when the walls of the uterus ate so thick they touch in the middle, and it looks like three stripes), which seems to be super important. You know you're a surro when you see the triple stripe before the tech mentions it. :-) I didn't ask about my estrogen numbers, but my nurse says they look good as well, so yay! At Monday's appointment, my lining was measuring 6.8mm, so that's a nice increase and my uterus should be extra fluffy in another week.

Tomorrow night we start the progesterone, which I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, it's a shot, and, in addition to the soreness the next day, it's just a bit of a pain in the butt to get it all ready and everything. Funnily enough, it's starting progesterone that is an impetus for me buying a new microwave. Ours broke several months ago, and we haven't really missed it, but I have a heating pad that you have to microwave, and, whether it helps or not, I always put heat on my injection site (and massage) afterwards. And it's cheaper to buy a (secondhand) microwave than an electric heating pad. :-)

And then, Thursday, we leave home for transfer! Eeeeee! Tony and I will drive down, because the travel time (driving to the airport, checking in, flying, blah, blah) either way is almost the same. And this way we'll have our car with us. Since we're talking just under 5 hours drive time, it's a much better idea for us to arrive the night before in order to be on time on Friday. And then, I believe our transfer is around noon on Friday, and then I'm on strict bed rest for the next 48 hours (feet up, only getting up to pee, pretty much). Pajama party in our room! :-D And then Tony and I will head home Sunday. And then we have to wait until August 29 for the beta test, which is a blood test which tests for hcg. Pretty much anything over 0 indicates some level of pregnancy, but I think we'll be looking for a number higher than 30.

Now, the hardest part. Making it through the next several days until transfer, and then until beta, without my head exploding. Eeeeeee!

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