Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Knock on Wood

I was so mentally prepared to be patient.  Well, as prepared as someone as inherently impatient as I am could be (I was mentally making calendars of how often it would be appropriate to email my agency for updates.  I was hoping to be able to wait 2 weeks between annoying emails. 

Then, on Monday, just a few business days after my medical records were sent to the IVF clinic, they were cleared.  I was told it could take up to a month.  And then, yesterday, one day later, I get an email about a possible match.  =-O  No way!  Yes, I was checking my email obsessively, hoping, but in no way did I actually expect to have a match anytime soon.  The details are still a little vague, and there is an issue that may be a deal breaker, but I'm still waiting on their profile.  I do know they are a gay couple in China.  And THEN I get an email today, saying that they'll send the profile as soon as they receive it from their partner in China, BUT the director is meeting with another gay couple tomorrow they think may be a good match for me, so they don't want me to make any decisions until I have info on both couples!  So not only may I have one match, they may have two for me to choose from.  In my first active week!  So, at this rate, my timeline goes like this:

Last week: Patience Dance-> This week: Matched-> Next week: Pregnant-> Next month: Giving birth (vaginally) to beautiful fraternal twins, one from each IF :-P ;-)

Now, I know I'm totally jinxing myself, and I know there will be bumps and pit stops on my surrogacy journey.  That's just the nature of the beast.  And I'm mostly prepared for that.  At least I like to think I am.  But I can't help but be cautiously optimistic at this point.  I will be so thrilled if the matching goes so swiftly.  I feel like the rest of the waiting will be a little easier to deal with once I'm part of a baby-making team.

But until I get some profiles, you'd better believe I'll be checking my email like a fiend.

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