Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Hate the Weekend

Okay, I don't really hate the weekend.  But I do prefer weekdays.  Why, you ask?  Good question, I say!  :-)

Around here, weekdays aren't that terribly different from weekends.  Kismet only goes to preschool 2 days a week, and my husband, Tony, has to work every other weekend, but gets every Thursday and Friday off.  So, especially if he's working, I sometimes forget that it's technically the weekend.

But the important thing is that many places don't conduct business on the weekends.  That means that I can't move forward on the refi of our house, and, most importantly, there's no chance I'll be getting that magical match email on a Saturday or Sunday.  Which isn't to say I'm constantly on the lookout for that special message.  But I am.  :-D  It's like waiting for something awesome you ordered online, but you didn't order from Amazon.  You know it's going to get here, eventually, but, since you didn't order from Amazon, you have no clue when it will arrive.  And everyday you think, "Will it arrive today?!"  But UPS doesn't deliver on the weekends.

But they do deliver on Mondays...maybe it will come tomorrow...but probably not.  :-)

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