Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't Wake Me...

Friday was our match meeting, and it's official! The perfect IFs are now my IFs! Woot woot! C and K, as they will henceforth be known, because I'm too lazy to write their whole names, and also to afford them a little privacy, unless they choose to out themselves here as well. :)

The match meeting went swimmingly. They had all the "right" answers (I use quotes because they were the right answers for us; for others they might not have been. Everybody is looking for a different experience.). Tony kept giving me little looks every time they said pretty much exactly what I was hoping to hear. And I thoroughly enjoyed the look they shared when I had their right answer as well. For example, I was (weirdly, I know) happy that they want me to breastfeed while we're in the hospital. Not that this would have been a deal breaker, but I did make the stipulation that if they do want me to try and pump, I have to breastfeed first, because trying to pump colostrum was an effort in futility for me. Any of the precious liquid I was able to get was usually lost in the pump parts. And they were very excited to hear that I'll allow them in the room during delivery. Of course! This is their baby! As long as they promise not to pass out, we'll be all good. :-D

The lowest part of the meeting was when the counselor was talking about the remote possibility of the (embryo) transfer resulting in triplets (almost 1 in 800, the interwebs tells me). I totally understand that we need to be aware of all the possibilities, and be on the same page as to what we would do in that situation, but after we'd already decided we were on the same page, I felt like the counselor kept harping on the subject, spelling out some of the more gory possible details. I felt like she was totally stressing C out especially. I was worried she was going to talk him out of surrogacy entirely. I swear, 5 more minutes of her discussing the details of exactly how a termination would work, if that was what we chose, and C was going to throw up his hands and be like, "I'm out, dudes."

With my last surrogacy, I didn't share anything at all on my Facebook until we had a positive pregnancy test, in fear that I would somehow fail to be a surrogate. And I shared a little throughout, because my IPs on my first journey prized their privacy (as is their right), and I tried to respect that. But now that I know that my uterus and I have got what it takes, I've already mentioned having matched on my Facebook page. And C and K have outed themselves, on both of our Facebook walls, so I'm very happy to be seeing the excitement of their friends and family and get a little better glimpse into their journey to become parents.

So if you're here from my Facebook, welcome Friends! :-) I did a fantastic job of detailing the beginning of my last journey, and really fell of towards the middle, if you're interested in what came before. My intentions are good this time around, but we'll see. :-D

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  1. Congrats on the match. Looking forward to following this journey.