Friday, June 20, 2014

And then...?

Yesterday the guys got their copy of the contract notarized, and I'm eagerly awaiting our copy so we can make that shit legit! :-D It took an extra day or so to get the finalized version because I got a little finicky and requested 2 changes to an already super awesome contract which apparently confused our lawyers a bit and caused a bit of miscommunication on the legal side, but we got it all straightened out. I think it might be a bit annoying to everyone else involved that the guys and I have such excellent communication, because the outside parties can't blame any hang-ups or setbacks on each of us to the other. ;)

Yesterday I also scheduled my sonohysterogram (or hysterosonogram, according to one office I called; it's a procedure where they put saline in the uterus and do an ultrasound to make sure everything looks pristine in there). I was surprised when I called up Tuesday to schedule it and the nurse at the RE's office (in LA) said we could try and find a local place to do it. I thought for sure I'd have to go down to the RE's office for this part, which almost certainly would have been an out and back in one day journey, which is a little tiring, so I was more than happy to entertain the option of doing it locally. Except the place they referred me to yesterday doesn't do that procedure. So I called several different places, some of which did not perform the procedure and some which did, but couldn't schedule me soon enough. One that I called, just about 25 minutes away, told me that they could only do it if I was on certain days of my menstrual cycle, while the nurse at my RE's office said that I could have it done at any time because I'm on the pill (I'm lucky I'm a repeat surro and I knew that this procedure usually has to happen at a certain time; several weeks ago I asked my counselor how that would work and she reached out to the RE's office and they told me to start the pill so our timing would be more open since we're in a little bit of a hurry at the moment). So I told the RE's office about this place, and they talked to them, and then the nurse told me to call the place up and schedule my appointment, telling them that today is the first day of my cycle. I guess they know what they're doing. So we're all scheduled to shove some salt water up into my uterus on Thursday and take some pictures.

And that, my friends, is the last box we need to check before I get to start poking myself and then get knocked up. And we're looking to do that in August. Because of this whole awesome Europe trip we have planned for pretty much the whole month of July. :-D But after we return stateside, it's baby-making time!

It's interesting how different agencies have different schedules for getting all this pre-game stuff done. I was a little thrown this time by the way our agency does the medical portion. Not that it's bad, just different, and I kept needing clarification on when we were wrapping medical screenings up. One advantage is that, previously, I had to go down to LA for psych and med screenings, and it looks like we'll only be heading down there for transfer this time 'round.
Agency #1-Paperwork, match meeting, psych and full medical screening, (hypothetically, I never got farther than passing the screenings), contract, meds and then transfer.
Agency #2-Paperwork, psych and full medical screening, match meeting, lawyer retainer paperwork, contract, meds, transfer
Agency #3(our agency)-Paperwork (including lawyer retainer), initial medical screening (by my doctor), psych screening, blood work, match meeting, contract, final medical (sonohysterogram), meds, transfer

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  1. I found your blog through other surrogacy blogs. I think it's amazing what you're doing! I hope to do the same for another couple here soon. I have some questions I'd like to ask... first being, how did you find your IPs? Did you go through an agency or do it independently? I'd love to go indy but I'm unsure the consequences. Good luck on your journey and I'm putting you on my list of blogs I read so I can get updates :)