Sunday, November 4, 2012

Waka waka waka...

Guess what I am doing in Surro World right now? Did you guess waiting? Then you've obviously been paying attention. :) I think we are still pre-legal (I didn't realize there was a step we needed to complete before the lawyers could start working on the contracts, but apparently there is), because my case manager told me she would let me know when she sends us off to the lawyers, and she didn't tell me that happened yet. And, really, I'm kind of afraid to ask, because if I don't ask, I can pretend that that actually did happen, and she just forgot to tell me. :-D

To be fair, an actual natural disaster may be responsible for a little bit of our delay, so I'm trying to be sensitive and patient regarding all that. And I really have been. The only place I'm not patient is here and in my head, so it doesn't affect anyone involuntarily. :)

I've been in contact with my IFs a little throughout this week (I totally involuntarily grinned when I wrote "IFs." And used "involuntarily" twice in 2 sentences. :-/ I strongly dislike being repetitive in my prose, but this Daylight Savings business has me exhausted and my brain no work good right now.), which has been nice. Checked up on them during Sandy, and wished them a Happy Halloween, and got to see a picture of their son all dressed up. :-D

I'm a little unsure about how to progress the relationship at this point. I certainly want to know more about them, and share more about myself, but texting seems like an odd medium for that. I'm leaning towards email, but I know how hard it is to get a chance to respond thoughtfully to an email with a two year old running around and an otherwise full day. And there's that tiny little voice that says "Don't be too anxious! They'll think that's weird! Chillax!" But I like them, and think that we could be friends, and I think that they're waiting on me to take the lead on this, because they emphasized having a relationship that *I* was comfortable with. But maybe I'm being too eager... And, hey, if they've gotten the chance to venture over to my blog, now it's all mote. :-p :-D But the main plan for this week is to write them an email, touching on some of the things I forgot to ask but am curious about (For example, do they have any interest in me pumping? Do they want me to test before beta?), and sharing a little bit more about Life Thompson. :-D

Two things before I rest my weary head: Don't forget to vote for equal rights on Tuesday. I won't say who, exactly, you should be voting for, but I trust your judgment. ;) Secondly, we had a super fantastic Halloween. Witness us in all of our glory:
(Oh, the classiness of a picture of a picture. I think it's the only picture we got where everybody is looking in the same general direction.)

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  1. I love that Halloween photo. And I think a quick email would be nice. Sounds like you know, though, that the response could be slow thanks to parenthood with a toddler. I know I always wanted to know more about what my surro was thinking and feeling.