Sunday, November 9, 2014

There are how many in there?!

It seemed like an extra long wait until our first ultrasound at 7.5 weeks. We were so excited to see how many babies we were baking in there. High beta numbers suggest twins, but there's certainly not a direct correlation. Chris and Keith assured me they would be thrilled with one healthy baby, and twins would just be icing. And I was definitely feeling worse than I had in previous pregnancies (throwing up at Target is not as glamorous as it sounds), and I honestly kind of wanted to have something to show for it (and not just feel like a whiner). I found a place halfway between us, and Chris and Keith met Tony and I there.

The tech called me back alone first, and I promised not to look at the screen until everyone was allowed in. This ended up meaning I stared at the ceiling for about an hour. It was the longest ultrasound I have ever had. Finally she calls all the guys back. And because of the placement of the screen, I could hardly see anything, so I settled for glances while watching everyone's faces and listening to the tech's narration.

I watched the joy as she showed them their baby. Yay! And watched the joy multiply as she showed them their other baby. Double yay! And then the joy transformed into a bit of shock as she introduced Baby #3. Wait, what?! Let me remind you we transferred two embryos. Two. So three babies meant that not only did both embryos implant successfully, but one overachieving split into identical twins.

The tech briefly showed us all three heartbeats. At that point we were all definitely in shock, and I barely got a glimpse of the babies. Chris wanted to take a picture of the screen, but the tech told us that wasn't allowed, and implied she'd print us some pictures. And then she didn't. Because apparently her machine didn't have a printer. Which would have been good information to have back when she implied she'd print some for us. :-\

After the tech wrapped up the ultrasound, we all met back in front of the office, and, considering the surprise we'd just had, we had very little to say. I don't know if you recall me mentioning this possibility in my post about our match meeting, but the odds of triplets happening were too low for me to even consider it a possible likelihood. We're talking something like 0.1% chance. I had even been annoyed our counselor had spent so much time on the subject. And then, there we were. Speechless, practically. The general consensus seemed to be we all needed to process this unbelievable news, and we headed back to our respective homes (although I'll admit I was a little nervous whether Keith would be able to drive at that point). At least I had a real good excuse for puking at Target.

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