Tuesday, November 4, 2014

And we're back!

Like many parents, Chris and Keith preferred to keep things on the down low for the first trimester, but now the end of the first trimester brings an end to our radio silence.

The past few months have been quite the roller coaster, and I'm going to break it up into a couple of posts, give you all the full experience. ;-)

So, last you heard from me was right after transfer, when we transferred two great looking embryos. Chris and Keith said they were down with me testing at home, and I was all ready with about half a dozen tests. They said they didn't want to know until Tony could see the line (surros have super eyes, I assure you).

I started testing 3 days after transfer, just for practice, with no expectation it would be positive so early. And, of course, it wasn't. Except...a couple of hours later I noticed the faintest line. I decided not to get excited because Dollar Store tests are infamous for "evaporation" lines if you read them outside the recommended time. Still, it was enough to convince me to test again in the morning (3.5 days), instead of waiting until I was 4 days proper (it's an obsession, I know). My super surro eyes saw faint lines at 3.5 and 4 days, and Tony thought maybe he could see it on the 4 day test. I knew that Wednesday morning would be the test I could share with Chris and Keith, the official positive they would be able to see.

But good thing they wake up before me, because I woke up to a message from them Wednesday morning saying they decided they didn't want to hear the results of any home tests and wanted to wait until the official blood test on Friday. But I was welcome to test. Since I'd already started, I figured no use stopping now. But if I hadn't started testing yet, I wouldn't have, because the next two and a half days keeping the positive news from them was torture. I didn't want to tell them about my sudden pregnancy symptom (heartburn, I only get it when pregnant, although never so early), and was so careful with what I said.

But I made it to, and through, Friday. I got my blood drawn in the morning, and it took almost until the end of business to get our results back. I got to call the guys with the fantastic news of a beta of 178 at 7dp5dt (7 days past a 5 day transfer), a very strong number. They were, of course, overjoyed. And both Chris and I took to Google, which said that our beta strongly indicated twins. :-o But we wouldn't know how many we were growing for another three weeks, at our first ultrasound.

But first, a second and a third beta, 1074 at 11dp5dt and 2603 at 13dp5dt. Definitely pregnant, that's for sure.

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