Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Weeks, Baby!

Can't believe it, but we're already 1/4 of the way done! To be fair, we did get to start 4 weeks in, but, still, time is flying. :) We're making crazy progress over here. I believe I forgot to mention that on January 31, my estrogen was over 700 (we were looking for 500+) and we got to stop our estrogen shots. And last week's progesterone check put me at 57.8, which meant we got to start weaning off the progesterone (still shots every night, but we get to cut the dosage by half). We do another progesterone check on Wednesday. I'm not sure if a good number then means we stop the shots altogether, or we take another half step down. Either way, my body is so ready to take over this pregnancy! :)

I sure had to earn that progesertone level last week, though. First, and I realized it just as I was handing the lab order to the receptionist, my nurse forgot to write the account to which to bill the test, so I had to call up and have them fax over another order. They called me back just as the courier showed up to pick up the stat orders, and my tests are always labeled stat, so they asked him to wait. And then they came back and told me they don't run progesterone stat. I could have sworn they ran my progesterone stat before, but, whatever. And they can't just not run it stat, they have to get an official okay from the ordering doctor's office. Fortunately, this time they called themselves, and the office okayed them not running it stat. I'm starting to feel a little nervous because I haven't seen the kid they've got back with me to draw my blood before, and being there on a regular basis, I'm pretty familiar with the staff. But I tell myself not to be negative because last time I was negative, it was my most painful blood draw. And then I noticed that one of the regular women is staying back to oversee him. Yup, he's a newbie. Doh. The stick wasn't *too* bad, but it wasn't a good one, either. He was in there for a while, too. But he tapes me up, and I'm getting ready to go, and the phlebotomist is checking out the vial of blood, asking him, "Is this all you got?" :-/ Well, clearly it is. Double doh. So I offer up my other arm, and she gets it done right and finally my very patient little boy and I are on our way. :)

Wednesday's blood draw will also include labs for our first trimester screening. That's part one, and part two is an ultrasound that somebody will hopefully call me tomorrow to schedule. That ultrasound has to take place sometime in the next 2.5 weeks to be valid, so we'll definitely be seeing this kiddo again soon.  :)

Kismet and Teagun were looking through a catalogue playing the ever popular "I want" game when Teagun came across a baby activity mat, and announced, "Let's give that to B & C's baby!" <3

Usually, I'm a follow the recipe as opposed to make up my own dinner kind of girl, but for several days the Baby has been requesting a new and very specific pasta dish: farfelle with a butter and garlic sauce, with sun dried tomatoes, sauted mushrooms, peas and bacon. I finally got around to making it Saturday, and this kid is a culinary genius. Everybody in the house devoured it, and I had to make it again tonight. Yum!

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  1. Yumm - the babe inspired dinner sounds wonderful! Great update! :)