Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two month retrospective

My surro baby is almost 2 months old, and we're just about a month away from the 1 year anniversary of our transfer. And here in Thompson World, things are going fantastically. We just returned from a wonderful cruise to Mexico, and my biggest complaint is that all my baby weight isn't just falling right off, like it tended to do with my kids. But to be fair, with my children, I was breastfeeding and following an ultra strict diet due to their allergies. And I wasn't eating opulent cruise food, either. :)

I haven't shared any pictures of my surro girlie because my IFs are protective of their privacy, and I, of course, respect that. Although I do have bunches of adorable pictures I am hoarding all to myself. :) There's an especially cute one of the Baby and I, and both families all together (one big, happy family :D ). And a super adorable one of B admiring his new daughter for the first time. My IFs send me new pictures from time to time. I hear from them about twice a month. Their family will always hold a special place in all of our hearts, and vice versa, but we're not super BFFs, and I am okay with that. I thought that it would be very important to me to be in close contact with my IPs after the baby as born, but I am completely content with knowing that their family is complete and happy. Hearing from them every once in a while and the occasional picture is nice, but it's a nice bonus, not a necessity (don't think that that means I want you to stop sending them, guys!). (Edited to add: before I finished this post, I got an email from B. :D )

Everyone told me how hard it was going to be, to "give up" the Baby, even when I insisted I could handle it. So, even though I felt like I wouldn't have a problem with it, I was prepared to maybe be a little sad, or miss her or her family. But I'm not sad. As a matter of fact, the whole process of goodbyes and sending her home to her family was even easier than I expected. I feel almost cold-hearted saying it, but I think I was just properly mentally prepared. She is not mine, and she never was. And I always knew that. She went home with her family, where she belongs, and I'm home with my family, and my two awesome kids who keep me happy and busy.

All that being said, yup, I'm totally ready to do this again. :D My surrogacy journey was an overwhelmingly positive, and, I believe, undeniably successful, and I can't wait to help another family get their child. I plan on reapplying shortly with the intention of having time to find my next set of perfect IPs. I know how long the process can take, and I'd ideally like to transfer in August (after our trip to Europe, but early enough such that I don't have to be pregnant in the summer again. I was such a crybaby.). I'm very specific about what I am looking for in IPs, so I know that I might have to be patient. Although I've learned that looking at ads on surro websites makes me just want to run out and get knocked up for everyone. ;)

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  1. It's so great to hear you had such a great first experience and are hoping to do it again. Can't wait to follow another journey.