Sunday, May 19, 2013

More than halfway!

Do you know what's boring? A happy, healthy pregnancy. No issues, no drama, just happy healthy baby and gestational surrogate. :-) Busy, happy, healthy surro. With a bit of a recent addiction to Candy Crush. But, all in all, I don't feel compelled to blog much anymore. I think about blogging all the time; about all the little and big things I want to share, but I don't feel the need to as often anymore. This blog and you guys really helped me work through all the ups, and the many downs of my early surro journey, but, for the most part, at this point, with no more shots, no more monitoring, it just feels like a normal pregnancy, and, really, who wants to read about that? ;) "Today I had heartburn. Today I had a headache. Today I had heartburn and a headache. The baby moved a lot, especially at night, again today." See, b-o-r-i-n-g. ;)

Which is not to say that exciting things haven't happened. First of all, I feel it necessary to point out, after making light of it above, that I love the part of the pregnancy when you can feel the baby rocking and rolling in there. Just like with my own kids, I like to take a little time every night and every morning while I'm in bed (if I have time) to just sit and feel Baby for a bit. I appreciate my good night kicks and good morning punches. And I try to appreciate all the karate chops and funky dance moves in between. Also, after a bit of drama, the amnio all went very well, if a week later than originally planned, and the baby is genetically beautiful, which we optimists knew, of course, but confirmation is always nice.

Super exciting was a few weeks ago when B & C, and their son, came to visit. They spent to weekend in the area, and got to meet my kids and family, and we all had a wonderful time. My daughter especially just adored their son (she told me she's going to marry him), and my family just loved them. We also got to tour the hospital, which was the first visit there for me as well, and it seems like a good, mostly laid back place with a lot of experience with surros. The only major bummer of the weekend was that Tony had to work, so he only got to see the guys for the hospital tour.

And I had to, of course, save the biggest news for last. The main reason the guys were here was for the Big Ultrasound that happened that Monday. The ultrasound tech was way nicer than me and wasted no time informing us all that B & C will be having a little girl! It was a very exciting moment to be a part of, and they were thrilled, and I think that helped make it a little more real for their son, who didn't want to let go of the pictures of his "little sister" after the ultrasound.

There are so many more little things I'd like to touch on, but I think I got the big things, and preggo girls need their sleep!

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  1. so glad you updated! i've been wondering how you are! keep the updates and some photos coming for us who don't see you much!